Host a Floating Lantern Send Off

There’s something quite magical about floating lanterns. Perhaps it’s the fact that they look like fairies flying in the night sky, or are reminiscent of shooting stars. Whatever the reason, you can bring the same kind of enchantment to your graduation party with a nighttime release of floating lanterns.

Add some sentiment by having each classmate say something special (favorite high school memory, a wish for the future, etc.,) before sending off the lanterns.

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Play Life-Sized Party Games

Spraypaint a giant Twister board on the lawn or create a human version of tic tac toe. Paint a checkerboard and give players red and black T-shirts to wear as they represent the pieces. Think about any party game you can turn life-sized, and it’s sure to be the hit of your graduation celebration.

Another party game idea is to go back in time and have your grown party guests play games from their past, such as musical chairs, freeze dance, or the piñata game.

Tips: Party Dance playlist from Spotify.

Have a Picnic Party

Forget that boring old banquet hall with properly set tables and fancy linen napkins. Throw a graduation party that’s less formal and more fun. Host it outdoors and instead of tables, set out picnic blankets on the ground. On each blanket add a picnic basket filled with everything you need to feed the group that gathers there.

For the entertainment, have them play traditional picnic party games such as potato sack and relay races, This way of cutting loose may be just what your guests need after sitting through a stuffy ceremony in their caps and gowns.


Livestream It

Another fun idea inspired by social media is to broadcast a portion of the party via livestream. You don’t have to livestream the entire event but maybe plan ahead about a certain aspect that would be cool to feature. That might include all of the graduates doing a trendy dance, making speeches, or playing a goofy party game.

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Set Up a Photo Booth

A photo booth a perfect addition to the graduation party. Not only do the graduates have loads of fun posing with their friends, but you also get to document their silliness and save the images forever.

You can build or rent an actual photo booth for your party (the kind where you go in, draw a curtain and say cheese) or create a photo-taking backdrop where they can gather and strike a pose. Either option is exciting, but the backdrop works better for big group photos. Whatever way you do it, remember to add plenty of props to keep the photo booth fun going all night.

Fun Items you’ll need: Props, Camera Lights, & more


Hashtag Your Bash

Anywhere you have young adults gathered together you’re also going to have images and posts about what they’re doing popping up on social media. A party is a perfect place for multiple posting opportunities, so give your graduation party a hashtag (#emmasgradbash, #gradpartyforus) for them to use when posting their updates. This way they can keep up on everything to do with the event and maybe even get their hashtag to trend.

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Have a Big Screen Slideshow

Once upon a time slideshows were boring presentations audiences suffered through at staff meetings or a neighbor’s gathering after a vacation. Not anymore. Slideshows have become fun ways to turn your photos into spectacular visuals complete with special effects, captions, and background music. Create a fun slideshow that stars the graduate and her classmates. Then project it on a big screen at your party.

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